Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Epileptix "Self Hate" - Detroit Sick Rock'n'Roll!

First 7" from The Epileptix (not The Epileptics). Classic snotty spazzy killed by death punk rock from 1977 1997. Super hard to find. 400 pressed I think with the first 50 being color covers & clear vinyl, the rest with yellow xerox sleeve with hand colored "Self Hate" in red. A couple clear presses had the regular yellow cover as well. I've seen regular copies on eBay for $30-$40 a while back.

4 songs:
"Self Hate"
"Infected Brain"
"Teenage Apocalypse"
"Who's Next"

Tim Vulgar, Ian Ammons, Rob Chase & Tyler. Tim later did the Clone Defects & Human Eye, Ian did The Piranhas, Tyler did... nothing that I know of. Think he went into the army. Rob Chase is MIA. I took the cover photo in my garage one day when they used to practice in my basement. It's supposed to look like Tim hung himself from the ceiling. We used some metal cable and attached it to Tim's belt. I'll scan the color cover as soon as I can. I'll also rip their other 7"s and the LP. Oh and Tim lifted the honeycomb background from  Crime "Frustration" b/w "Murder By Guitar"...

"U.S. Thugs can suck my fucking dick!"

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